The mindyourstyle difference – mind your style, style your mind

The Truth Is…

In today’s world, most of us feel overwhelmed with the competing demands and pressures that are placed on us. You may often stress about not being good enough, not having enough time or not deserving to look and feel your best. This way of thinking is all too common. Too often, we forget to invest in ourselves and our personal brand (our personal style).

Feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to have a style that you love can reduce your confidence and disrupt your ability to do well at work or achieve your goals in life. The truth is, anyone can have a style that they love.


Style doesn’t have a size, shape, age, weight, race or price tag.


The one thing that is often preventing you from having a personal style or image that you truly love and feel amazing in is your mindset. Thankfully, being more mindful of yourself and your style can help.

Why Being Mindful of Your Style Matters…

Mindyourstyle’s styling services are founded up mindfulness and human behavioural principles (hence the name, “mind your style”). Why? Because your clothing has much more of an impact on how you think and feel than you might think!

I use mindful styling techniques to give you a deeper understanding of your style, including the underlying reasons behind why you wear certain things over others, and how you can use this awareness to get out of a style rut and update your image to reflect who you are now and who you want to be in the future.

A mindful approach towards your personal style teaches you how to dress in a way that gives you more confidence, energy and motivation in your every day life. Being consciously aware of the personal style, image or brand that you really want – that look that’ll give you the confidence and energy to be the best you can be – not only matters for your wellbeing – it can also impact your productivity, career, relationships, self-care and ultimate success.

I am here to assist you to create a style that will result in a positive impact for you and your life!

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A styling session with mindyourstyle will not only help you look great on the outside, but also feel inspired and confident on the inside. It will help you to reconnect your outer and inner self, so that you can be your most authentic self every day and feel wonderful in everything that you wear!

So how can mindyourstyle help YOU? Click here to find out!