The Outfit Creation Session

Let’s create incredible outfits together

This session is perfect for you if you:

  • need some inspiration or are unsure about what clothes to put together to create endless looks and outfits; or
  • want help with integrating your existing wardrobe items with any purchases that you have made.

What the session involves:

Monika will visit your wardrobe and work with you to put outfits together, working with what you already have in your wardrobe and any new purchases made if you have done The Take Me Shopping session. Photographs of each look will be taken and the images will be sent to you via email in your very own Personalised Lookbook of Outfits, so that you can keep them for inspiration whenever you’re getting dressed.

You will also receive your own copy of the following mindyourstyle Guides:

Feeling Confident in Your Style

15 Minutes of Mindfulness

15 Minutes of Self-Compassion

Mindfulness Resources and Services Information


2 hours

Contact mindyourstyle for further details, including pricing options.