The mindyourstyle difference – mind your style, style your mind

In today’s world, most of us feel overwhelmed with the competing demands and pressures that are placed on us. You may often stress about not being good enough, not having enough time or not deserving to look and feel your best. For women today, this way of thinking is all too common. Too often, we forget to invest in ourselves.

Feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to have a style that you love can reduce your confidence and disrupt your ability to do well at work or achieve your goals in life. Thankfully, mindfulness can help.

Mindfulness is a practice that helps you focus your attention on the present moment. Being mindful helps those distracting thoughts, worries, and stresses to float away into the background. When you are mindful, your mind and body don’t go into that stress response. This is a good thing because ongoing stress can batter and bruise your immune system and contribute to poor health.

Mindyourstyle’s integration of mindfulness with personal styling (i.e. mindful styling) gives you the ability to access styling sessions that will not only help you look great on the outside, but also feel inspired and confident on the inside! Mindyourstyle will…

  • introduce you to mindful styling techniques that can help you to grow your inner confidence;  and
  • help you to reconnect your outer and inner self, so that you can be your most authentic self every day and feel wonderful in everything that you wear!

So now that you are ready to invest in looking and feeling your best, let me help you. Visit the Services page to find out more about each session and start your mindyourstyle experience today.