Your Guide to Designer Consignment Stores in Perth

18 Jan
Image Source: Fusion Clothing Facebook Page

Feeling incredible, beautiful and confident doesn’t have to mean you spend thousands of dollars on designer items for your wardrobe…

My clients often ask me to tell them how much I think they should spend on a new or updated wardrobe. What I always end up saying to them is that just as everyone’s style is unique to them, so is everyone’s budget. It’s all about what a comfortable budget/investment is for THEM. I work within their budget to source the items they need.

Budget or investment is also linked to the outcomes they are looking to achieve. Is it a whole new work wardrobe that they want? Or is it a couple of new pieces to complement existing pieces in their wardrobe? Are they more concerned with quantity or quality? These are the sorts of things stylists should take into account for their clients (I know I certainly do!!) but they are also things that you should take into account yourself when you are out shopping. 

Another thing to consider is that expensive and cheap mean different things to different people. A $50 top may be considered expensive by one person and cheap by the next. Similarly, a $200 top may be considered cheap by one person and ridiculously pricey by another. There is no right or wrong. It’s all about individual perception. What you spend should feel right to YOU.

Style shouldn’t cause financial stress. And the great thing is, you don’t have to spend an astronomical amount of money to make you look and feel good!

I will be talking more about other mindful styling strategies that will save you money AND enable you to have great style in my next blog post (keep an eye out). But until then, I can share with you that one way that you can achieve a great style without having to break the bank is to visit designer resale or consignment stores!

Perth has quite a few of these popping up about the place, and I have saved you the trouble by creating a short and sharp list of them here for you. So without further ado….TA-DAAAAAA…….

1. Dress Circle Emporium

Address: Shop 35 – Broadway Fair, 88 Broadway Nedlands 6009


2. Fusion Clothing

Address: 168 Hampden Rd Nedlands 6009


3. Helen Swift Designer Consignments

Address: Shop 2, 10 Station St Cottesloe  6011


4. Hock Your Frocks on Consignment

Address: 2nd Avenue Shopping Centre, Cnr Beaufort St & Second Avenue Mt Lawley 6050


5. Mercado 32

Address: 250 Oxford Street (opposite the Restore) Leederville 6007, and 209 Railway Parade Maylands 6051


6. RSPCA Reloved WA

Address: 391 Fitzgerald St North Perth 6006, 1/112 Rokeby Road Subiaco 6008 and 177 High Street Fremantle 6160


7. Second Time Around

Address: 66 Angove Street North Perth 6006


8. The Closet Revolution

Address: 775B Canning Highway Applecross 6153 (there are 16 other stores across WA – click the link below for a complete list of these)


If you know of any other stores like this in your area, please share in the comments below! Let’s help each other look good without breaking the bank!


Yours in style,

Monika xo

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