What mindyourstyle’s clients are saying…

The proof is in the pudding (or should I say wardrobe)! Here are just some of mindyourstyle’s client testimonials…

The Style Consultation

“I had my Style Consultation with Monika and she really helped me understand my own style, and encouraged me to embrace it more in all facets of my life. Her passion and desire to help her clients really stood out to me, and I left our styling session feeling encouraged to try new things. I highly recommend her services as she will be able to give you so much insight into your style and shopping habits!”

– Melissa 30, Artist and Research Officer 

“At first, I wasn’t sure what I would get out of the Style Consultation as what I wear depends very much on the mood I’m in and this can vary wildly. However, I was delighted with the results as it clarified exactly what I liked from a wide range of styles. I can now shop and know when something is just right and I can also look in my wardrobe and immediately identify the things I will never wear. Can’t thank you enough Monika! I would recommend this to anyone!”

– Sandra 64, Policy Analyst 


The Wardrobe Edit

“Working full-time I couldn’t face sorting my wardrobe because it had become a dumping ground. Monika was like a breath of fresh air. Her Style Consultation and Wardrobe Edit were thoughtful, functional and professional. I love my wardrobe! Thanks Monika!”

– Lois 51, Teacher and Mum

“A few weeks ago, I read a blog on the mindyourstyle Facebook page that really resonated with me, particularly the description of a working mother trying to put an outfit together while coordinating a busy family at the start of an ordinary day. There have been many days where I have simply thrown together an odd assortment of clothing items and then wondered how other people around me seem to have it “altogether”. That all changed for me following my much needed Wardrobe Edit and subsequent Take Me Shopping session with Monika. I have not only re-discovered my own personal style but also gained a far greater appreciation for the different types of clothes that fit me well and that I can wear with enjoyment and confidence. My wardrobe is now well organized and made up of things that I love, and things that go well together. This has made an enormous difference not only to my mornings, but to my whole day. Thank you Monika for your mindful approach to styling, and also for putting me at the centre of the whole experience, which was an absolute treat!”

– Kirsten 48, Mum and Economics Lecturer


The Take Me Shopping Session

“I normally feel really flustered and in a highly anxious state when I’m shopping, but not after my Take Me Shopping session with Monika, which is a massive achievement for me!! I have so many workable combinations of outfits and am now set for the next few winters! Especially because the clothes are better quality. I always think in terms of work I feel more competent when I wear nice clothes so I think this session is really going to boost my confidence at work. Thanks heaps!”

– Lauren 25, Public Servant

“I couldn’t rave about my experience with Monika enough! A bit of a sceptic originally, I thought I would give it a go and am so thrilled I did. A busy mum of two young boys, I have not had much time (or interest) over the last few years to put much thought into my work wardrobe. Updating my wardrobe was one of those things I kept putting off to another day. I am so glad that Mindyourstyle came into my life! Over three sessions, Monika helped me confirm my style and then helped me go through my wardrobe and identify various ways I could mix and match existing clothes to produce new looks, as well as identifying clothes that had had their day. With a short list of items my wardrobe needed, we then spent a lovely afternoon together trying clothes. I bought pretty much everything she suggested and am so excited about my new wardrobe! Monika was always so prepared, and the shopping trip was so much quicker because she had already found items and put them aside. No getting overwhelmed looking at everything in the shops – the hard part was all done for me and all I had to do was to try them on! Since benefiting from mindyourstyle’s expertise, I have had no end of compliments at work about my outfits, and my confidence has been boosted in a way I had not anticipated. There is something special about feeling comfortable and well-presented! I would recommend this service to anyone, particularly mums who are looking for a wardrobe update but are time poor and maybe thinking “I will update when I lose those last few baby kilos…” Monika made selections that were perfect for my figure and I feel like I have a groove back in my step. Thanks again Monika!”

– Ambre 43, Manager and Mum

“I am a person who dislikes shopping because I don’t have the confidence to pick out outfits/I am not sure what goes well together. It was great to speak to Monika about the different styles and colours that suit me. I love that she listened to my concerns and worked with what I felt comfortable with. Though in saying that, it was great that she picked out some things to challenge my way of thinking in a safe environment – which turns out I quite like! The Wardrobe Edit and Take Me Shopping sessions were not only easy and fun, she provided me with useful hints and tips throughout the sessions explaining why certain things matched me and my needs. I feel as though the sessions didn’t just end at goodbye, she followed up with numerous guides to help me with my journey. I know I will constantly be referring to the guides in the future. Overall I think the experience was great and would recommend it to anyone!”

– Angeline 27, Pastry Chef

“Monika really listened and understood what I wanted to achieve from the Take Me Shopping session. She was well researched, confident and warm, and made the whole shopping process thoroughly enjoyable. Monika’s sense of style and attention to detail meant she was able to find clothes that not only suited me, but also made me think outside the square when it came to my own personal style, Thank you Monika.”

Renee 43, Mum and Small Business Owner

“Monika is amazing! She put aside a bunch of clothes for me to try on at multiple change rooms prior to our meet-up. I would never have chosen what she picked out for me but once I tried them on I loved them. Monika explained what she had chosen and why for each item. I invested in some good basics and beautiful items that day which I have worn and worn and worn again since. Would highly recommend.”

– Kate 26, Journalist and Small Business Owner


The Outfit Creation Session

“I had my Outfit Creation session with Monika and I am so thrilled I did that because Monika truly opened my eyes to the number of opportunities that existed just in my current wardrobe, which is in fact quite small. She helped me plan outfit combinations that I would have struggled to put together and in the process helped me get in touch with my unique style which I think was starting to become lost in the corporate style dressing for my job. She paired colours together that I would never have tried myself and I found I became more and more confident with those as the session progressed. By the end of our session, not only had I discovered numerous new outfits without spending a cent, but I have a renewed sense of excitement about trying bold colours and continuing to be my true self. Thank you Monika for the best 3 hours ever!!!”

– Aditi 40, Project Lead and Manager

“Monika is a brilliant stylist. Even though I love clothes and feel like I know what I like to wear, I’ve always felt daunted by colour coordinating, layering and accessorising. I never knew how much art there is in these elements of style! She opened my eyes to how to dress for my body and for specific occasions, and blew my mind with clothes I never thought would go together but look fabulous on! After the appointment I felt really inspired and a boost of confidence knowing how to style myself in a way to bring out my personality rather than hide behind clothes or opting for run-of-the-mill. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone hoping to gain more insight into how to bring out their inner selves through their outer appearance in easy, doable ways!”

– Chelsea 29, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Small Business Owner


The Mindful Style Mood Board

“I asked Monika to prepare a Mindful Style Mood Board for me and it has given me so much inspiration to put new outfits together and buy clothes that I love. Before working with Monika I didn’t really know what my style was and when I went shopping I found it hard to find clothes that I would love wearing over and over again. Despite giving Monika what I thought was quite confusing information, she magically put together inspirational images and a style guide that really captured the type of clothes that I am always drawn to. She also found a bunch of new shops for me that sell exactly the sort of clothes that I like. My shopping trips are now much quicker and productive, plus I have discovered a bunch of new outfits using my existing clothes. I would highly recommend the Mindful Style Mood Board package to anyone who enjoys the creative process of putting outfits together, but needs some inspiration to get going.”

– Clara 35, Corporate Manager