About Monika

Perth Personal StylistA Bit About Me…

My European heritage instilled in me a love of fashion from a young age. This inspired me to pursue a career as a Personal Stylist.

I trained at the Australian Style Institute (ASI) to become a qualified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. ASI stylist training is founded upon human behaviour and emotional intelligence principles. The skills I have gained from this training allow me to delve deeper with women when it comes to their personal styling and image needs.

You see, style is so much more than the clothes you wear. Understanding the psychology behind why we wear what we wear enables me to get to the heart of what it is that that you want to achieve when it comes to your personal style and image.

My passion for helping others too look and feel their best also led me to complete mindfulness training from Monash University and the Perth Meditation Centre.

I have also worked for many years in the public sector as a Research Analyst and in the fashion retail sector as well. This has given me a strong understanding of the demands and stresses that work can place on women. I am well aware of the importance of putting your best foot forward in the workplace, without losing your own identity in the process.

All of this knowledge and experience enables me to help you not only dress in a way that makes them feel great about yourself on the outside, but also gives you mindful styling techniques to help you grow more confident from the inside.

I believe that all women deserve to look and feel their best. No matter their age, shape, lifestyle or budget. When you present yourself in a way that is authentic to yourself and are comfortable in who you are and what you stand for, no matter who you are, you have the power to make a difference in the world in your own unique way! You have CONFIDENCE!

I created mindyourstyle to share my knowledge with women all over the world, that includes you! I have worked 1-1 with many women since starting mindyourstyle, but I always wanted to work in a team to create something even MORE special than my original 1-1 styling sessions.

I coincidentally (although there’s no such thing as a coincidence! ;)) met Professional Photographer Ania at a local Perth networking event were we both realised that we shared a passion for helping women to feel more confident. That is how the idea for Ignite Your Confidence was born. When we met Make Up Artist Francesca, we knew she was the perfect fit to complete our unique and special service! And so our team was born!

I now provide 1-1 styling solely within the Ignite Your Confidence package, with mindyourstyle remaining a free educational and inspirational resource for all women.

Ignite Your Confidence is the difference that my fellow #gamechangers and I want to make in this world. And we’re here to give you the confidence to make yours!