About Monika

A Bit About Me…

Image by Enriched by Light Photography

I’ve been illustrating since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I still have files and files worth of sketches from when I was little…it’s something that I always loved to do for family, friends and for a little bit of ‘me’ time.

It may then come as a surprise to you that I ended up studying Economics at University…I guess there’s a lot of sketching of economic diagrams involved in that too! Anyway, fast forward seven years, where even though I enjoy the economic policy work that I do, I realised I wasn’t using my creative skill to inspire or help people like I’d always thought I’d do when I was young.

In that time, I also had first hand experience that led me to learn a lot about health and nutrition, the psychology of style and importance of self-love, mindfulness, and sustainable living. Seeing how much this knowledge helped me, my passion for inspiring others to live life mindfully too, led me to complete mindfulness training with Monash University and the Perth Meditation Centre. I also completed studies in human behaviour and styling at the Australian Style Institute. 

I continue to be an avid reader of mindfulness, sustainability, new (and environmentally friendly!) economic theory, and mind-body wellness books, that strengthen and expand my knowledge and appreciation of the importance of living life in a mindful style. 

So I’ve decided to incorporate everything that I have learnt/am learning, and share it via illustrations with you! I want to encourage and inspire women all over the world to live more mindfully, and that includes you! I hope you enjoy learning with me 🙂

Yours in mindful style,

Monika xx