4 Ways to Shift from Trends Towards a More Timeless Style

9 Nov

1. Have certainty in your style

A person that is certain in their style possesses an understated confidence, admired by many and often referred to as always looking ‘effortless’ and ‘put together’. Think of female icons like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. These women are known for their certainty and outward confidence.

2. Be your natural self

Bringing elements of your natural self into your style is a timeless quality, one which often tends to be hidden or shied away from in today’s society. In personal styling, we recognise that everyone has a different body shape and skin tone, so it’s important to discover what colours and styles are natural to you. Embrace who you are and let your natural self shine!

3. Keep it simple

Simplicity is an important element of timeless style. If you want to shift away from what’s trending and achieve a more timeless look, keep your outfits simple. Look for items that are monochromatic (single colour) and in a classic cut or shape such as a black pencil skirt or scoop neck top. Opt for simple accessories such as a plain scarf or simple silver necklace.

4. Watch your physiology

When you carry yourself in a confident and graceful manner, notice how differently people respond to you! Without poise, we diminish the effect of our body shape, our language,  the garments we’re wearing and how people respond to us! So stand tall, pull your shoulders back and smile!

A final note from Monika: 

Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to get started by doing your own research on what styles you like and how you want to dress. If you’re overwhelmed by all the fashion content that’s out there (because yes, there is A LOT!), and still feel unclear about what your style is or what you want it to be, a personal stylist will help you pinpoint exactly what your style is and how to achieve it, all within a few hours. Leaving you more time to go and do all those other things you need or want to be doing!


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