Mindful Illustrations and Products 

I love to create illustrations that inspire women to live in a mindful style – to be more mindful, self-loving, healthy and confident in themselves. I invite you to find an illustration or item that resonates with you – something that each time you see it, use it, touch it – will remind you of this. Are you looking for a meaningful gift to give a friend or loved one? Choose something that will uplift them and help to bring about a positive shift from within. Let’s style our minds in a mindful style and empower ourselves and each other with what we buy.

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Mindful Personal Styling Sessions 

Image by Enriched by Light Photography

Mindyourstyle’s personal styling service isn’t just a shopping session. It’s an educational experience. You will learn how to dress more mindfully, including how to dress your shape to flatter your attributes, what colours to wear, and what to look out for when shopping to ensure that you feel confident in yourself and what you’re wearing. Put your best foot forward and create a style or image that is true to YOU.

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